• Wholesale ABS-101E Laser wired & wireless bug camera detector
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ABS-101E Laser wired & wireless bug camera detector

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Detailed Product Description

Technology index

Frequency: 1MHz—6.5GHz

Shoot detecting camera: 10cm-20m

Current consumption: 8mA

Shoot wave length: 920nm

Optic lens: IR ray specially filtrated lens

Detecting mode:

1. IR laser detecting;

2. Vibrating alarm detecting;

3. Beeping detecting;

4. LED light flickering detecting.


1. All examination(avoid any leakage of the exam)

2 .All kinds of hotel(Protect personal privacy)

3. dressing room of the mall( Avoid any spy camera inside)

4. Boos or leader ‘s office(Avoid any loss information of important meeting)

5. Business meeting room(Protect the information of the meeting)

6 .Police can use it to spy the suspect


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  • Model: ABS-101E
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